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Epsom and St Helier 2020-2030:

Consultation Conclusions

December 2017

Following their public consultation over the summer 2017, Epsom & St Helier NHS Trust published their findings in November.  The full details are available on their website.


Their summary conclusions are:

"We cannot continue running acute services on two sites because we will not be able to meet all of the clinical standards expected of us.  The Trust will continue to become clinically and financially unviable and will not have the appropriate buildings to deliver 21st century healthcare.  This is not an option we believe is acceptable for our patients and our staff.

The Trust analysis shows that all three single acute site scenarios, where treatment for the six acute services are consolidated on a single site, and with 85% of care remaining at both St Helier and Epsom Hospitals, enables us to deliver the required quality standards and become clinically sustainable.

The financial benefit of all the consolidation in all of the three scenarios is significant when compared to where the Trust is now. There is little financial difference between the three scenarios.  Significant capital investment is required in each of the scenarios of between £377 and £444 million.

This initial work has shown that there is not a preferred scenario which can be identified at this stage and none of the scenarios have been assessed against any formal agreed criteria.  Further work is needed with commissioners and the public to define broader criteria for assessment between the options.

A number of themes for criteria that are important to local people, for example travel distances, have been identified from the feedback we have received throughout public involvement.  The local commissioners will need to work with stakeholders and the public to determine the non-financial criteria that should be used to evaluate the scenarios in future.”


Indicative Activity timeline:

It is initially envisaged that the new facilities could be open in 2024-26.  This would be subject to an intense period of work including obtaining planning permission and producing a full business case. 


The timing could look something like:

  • Agreement to proceed                                   December 2017

  • Outline business case completed                          June 2018

  • Public consultation                              Summer/autumn 2018

  • Decision on consultation outcome                      Spring 2019

You can see a summary of the consultation findings here.


Further details are on the Epsom & St Helier Hospital Trust’s website:

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