In parallel with our Neighbourhood Plan, the London Borough of Sutton (the Council) is working on two strategic projects that affect our area and which our plan needs to take notice of. These are as outlined in the London Borough of Sutton’s (draft) Local Plan 2016-2031 and which we have already responded to formally as a Neighbourhood Forum.


These projects are:

  • London Cancer Hub

  • Tramlink

They are both high priority in the Council’s own plans for the Borough and we have been generally supportive of the ideas proposed in the consultation documents.



The London Cancer Hub (LCH) is a major strategic project for the Council, The Royal Marsden and the Institute of Cancer Research working in partnership to provide an integrated approach to cancer research, development and treatment in one overall site.  This comprises the Royal Marsden Hospital site, the Institute of Cancer Research site and a large part of the old Sutton Hospital site.  It aims to unlock the growth in the life science sector and become part of the London-Oxford-Cambridge ‘Golden Triangle’ of cancer research and development.


This is a very ambitious plan for the future development of this part of Sutton and is to be applauded for its ambition and forward thinking.  However, it is of course dependent upon the whole hearted commitment of the local community, the Council and its partners working together to implement the vision and attract long term investments from financial institutions and businesses to enable the LCH to be delivered to the timeframe and costs as detailed in the Sutton Local Plan 2031.  We welcome and support the development of improved facilities for the Royal Marsden and Institute of Cancer Research, but this must not override the genuine issues and concerns of local residents and businesses.


For more information about the London Cancer Hub Development Framework, click here.

Our Proposal:

We would like to see a comprehensive environmental impact assessment of what effect this development will have on the local community and in particular Belmont Village and the surrounding road network, prior to any commencement of work on the site.

It is essential to complete all transport and necessary infrastructure improvements in LCH Wave 1 implementation plan so that congestion is alleviated before construction takes place.




One key element of the proposed new public transport offering is stated to be the Tram. We recognise that this can only be a long term proposition as it will require significant funding from TfL and possibly government and local funding before it can become a reality. The Tramlink plans are in the LCH Wave 1 of the delivery timetable of the London Cancer Hub which suggests that this will be undertaken after the development of the site has been started. This will only exacerbate the existing acute traffic congestion at peak times and in addition, whilst construction traffic is also adding to the problem.

Our Proposal:

The plans for the proposed Tramlink from Sutton Station to the London Cancer Hub should run along the existing railway line between Sutton and Belmont stations and not along the Brighton Road.  To run it along the Brighton Road would merely add to congestion and would not increase passenger capacity over what could be provided with buses.

The following diagram shows how the tram might be routed from Sutton station to the London Cancer Hub. 

  • OPTION A runs along the existing railway line

  • OPTION B is via the Brighton Road