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Click the image below to enlarge the map showing the area covered by our Neighbourhood Plan:

The Neighbourhood Plan Area is made up of a number of distinct parts as described below.  Some of these areas exhibit remarkable and cherished local characteristics (both at individual property and streetscene levels) and are experiencing, or about to experience, great change.  The impact of change needs to be considered in a holistic manner so that the outcome of any development enhances and does not destroy the valued amenity of existing local features and characteristics.

In summary the zones within the overall area comprise:

  • South Cheam,

  • Belmont Village,

  • Shanklin Village

  • South Sutton and

  • Carshalton Beeches (western edge).

The reason this area has been chosen is that it covers many of the properties and businesses that will be affected by the anticipated changes.

At the centre of the area is Belmont Village and the land of the site known as the “London Cancer Hub” (LCH).  This latter area comprises the land of the old Sutton Hospital (Epsom & St Helier NHS Trust), the Royal Marsden Hospital and the Institute of Cancer Research.  The area covered by the LCH is excluded from our Plan, although our proposals will take account of the major impact of the development of the surrounding area. Planning policies for this area have been published by the Council as the London Cancer Hub Development Framework

For the residential areas, the Plan Area embraces the built form and physical layout rather than adhering to administrative (e.g. ward) boundaries.  As such it includes the Special Policy Areas that were lost in the 2012 Borough Development Framework, namely the South Cheam Special Policy Area, the South Sutton Special Policy Area and the Carshalton Beeches Special Policy Area.  Some protection remains for these areas because parts of South Cheam are now contained within the Burton Estates ASLC and a part of Carshalton Beeches is contained within the Pine Walk ASLC.  Currently no special policies apply to South Sutton.

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