The Forum is fully committed to promoting and improving the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of the neighbourhood it represents. Working with businesses, landowners, and all stakeholders in the area, we will help facilitate the regeneration, protection and enhancement of the area that meets the aspirations of the community it represents and enable it to take a measure of responsibility for deciding its own future.



We have set a number of key objectives for the Neighbourhood Plan as follows:


  • Support and protect the identity of Belmont, South Sutton and South Cheam as we move through this period of radical change, addressing the impact on the local residential population, businesses and potential visitors that will be attracted by the re-development of the area

  • Raise the profile of and improve the vibrancy of Belmont and Upper Mulgrave Road local centres

  • Improve public transport and the road infrastructure in the area

  • Protect, enhance and improve access to Belmont Park, Belmont Meadow and Overton Park for play, recreation and bio-diversity

  • Enhance connectivity between all the communities that comprise Belmont, South Sutton, South Cheam and its surrounding area

  • Ensure the Sutton Hospital site redevelopment brings benefits to the local area & minimises any negative impacts

  • Develop more detailed Architectural Design guidance for the four Areas of Special Local Character (ASLC's) to ensure that the varied characters of those areas are maintained and not diluted

  • Identify, protect and restore buildings and structures of historic interest that demonstrate the heritage of  Belmont and South Cheam and the surrounding area.

  • Identify opportunities for additional housing



To cover the above objectives the Plan will be structured under the following headings.  These emulate headings in Council’s latest Local Plan:

1. Meeting Sutton’s Housing Needs

  • Housing Density / Housing sizes / Use of garden land / Opportunity sites


2. Raising Sutton’s Design Standard

  • Architectural Design Guidelines


3. Improving Sutton’s Sustainable Transport Network

  • Implications for all modes of transport, public transport and parking

4. Making Sutton’s Centres Destinations

  • Making our Local Centres vibrant


5. Serving Sutton’s Communities

  • Needs for education, health and social and community infrastructure

6. Maintaining Sutton’s Green Spaces

  • Open space improvements (parks and SINC sites)