Belmont Post Office may re-open

December 2017


One of the themes emerging from our discussions with members about improving our Local Shopping Centres is the re-opening of a Post Office in Belmont Village.  The owner of the Pet Stop shop was keen to take this on, but received a disappointing initial response from the Post Office.  As a consequence, the Forum wrote to Chief Executive of the Post Office emphasising the vibrancy of the Village and the great community spirit that exists there. 

This brought about a meeting with the South East Network Development Manager for the Post Office which was very positive.  After the meeting we had an email from the manager saying “It was a pleasure to meet you and see for myself the thriving community in Belmont Village.  I will be working closely with the owner of the Pet Stop with the aim to bring a Post Office back to Belmont Village.”


This all sounds very promising although there are still several hurdles to cross.  However, if all goes well, after 12 years we may get a Post Office back in Belmont in March 2018. 


We believe that the status of the Neighbourhood Forum was instrumental in this change of attitude by the Post Office.