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The Forum, or to give it the full title “The Belmont, South Sutton & South Cheam Neighbourhood Forum” (now including Shanklin Village and Carshalton Beeches) is the body responsible for preparing our local Neighbourhood Development Plan. 


After much debate, we have decided to abbreviate this to the “Brand Name” of Belmont Vision, even though it covers a much larger area than just Belmont!


Click here to see a map of area covered by our Neighbourhood Plan.




The Forum was initially considered in early 2013 when initial discussions were held with the London Borough of Sutton about forming a local planning body which could be recognised by the Council.


During 2014 and 2015 we held early meetings with local residents and businesses enabling us to establish what the key priorities for the area are and to gather support.


As a result of these discussions four Residents’ Associations came together to gain formal recognition from the Council as a Neighbourhood Forum with the right to produce a Neighbourhood Plan.  The Associations are the Belmont & South Cheam Residents’ Association (BSCRA), the South Sutton Neighbourhood Association (SSNA), the Shanklin Village Residents’ Association (SVRA) and the Carshalton Beeches Residents’ Association (CBRA).

At the end of 2015 we made a submission to the Council to be formally designated as a Forum and hence empowered by the Locality Act to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan.


The Council consulted with the area for 6 weeks from 5th November 2015 to 17th December 2015 about whether the Forum should be established and on the area that its Plan should cover.


The only adverse comments received were from the land owners of the area now known as the London Cancer Hub who, in partnership with the London Borough of Sutton, have prepared their own planning framework for that area.  This has now been published by the Council as the London Cancer Hub Development Framework.  This area was consequently removed from the Forum’s area.


In January 2016 the Council’s Housing, Economy and Business Committee resolved to formally designate us as a Neighbourhood Planning Forum.



The Forum has to have a minimum membership of 21 people who must live, work or represent organisations relevant to the Neighbourhood Area, together with elected Members from Wards in the Neighbourhood Area. 


We have over 30 people on the Forum representing the local business community, local councillors and most importantly, residents of the area.  These people are involved in a variety of ways to input to and comment on the contents of our plan. 


The activities of the Forum are driven by a smaller Steering Committee of around 12 members comprising representatives of the major residents associations who have members within the area, namely: 

  • the Belmont and South Cheam Residents Association

  • South Sutton Neighbourhood Association

  • Carshalton Beeches Residents Association

  • Shanklin Village Residents Association


Click here to see the members of the Forum.

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